More than 200 students from across Europe tackle fake news

More than 200 students from across Europe tackle fake news

A Europe-broad workshop on Pretend Information with Rainer Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament aims to determine reliable information and stimulate accountable action.

April 7, 2021 – COBURG, MADRID – How can you distinguish reputable from untrue facts? How can you recognise and fight fake information? What characterizes critical and liable study? These were being some of the thoughts tackled by far more than 200 European higher school pupils from Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, and Spain as aspect of the Europe-wide job Path2Integrity.

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The pupils arrived collectively in a workshop featuring the participation of Rainer Wieland, Vice-President of the European Parliament. It was organised by Prof. Dr Priess-Buchheit, Coburg College of Used Sciences, and Katharina Miller, a attorney from Madrid, to assistance them understand additional about fake news and trustworthy info.

“It is critically significant that students learn to assess the excellent and veracity of info to which they may well be exposed,” mentioned Priess-Buchheit. “This is especially crucial today as men and women and societies grapple with problems similar to Covid, and science struggles to be read and trusted in a sea of voices.”

In this worldwide workshop utilizing ground breaking understanding techniques, the learners encountered and reviewed diverse faux news worries and examined concrete circumstances in which faux information had turn into a challenge. Through reflection and active joint actions, they have been ready to deal with these challenges. In performing so, the college students acquired how essential accountable investigation is to get trustworthy info.

College students shared what they experienced uncovered in an intensive discussion with Rainer Wieland. Wieland, an knowledgeable European politician, emphasised the central benefit of media independence and pluralism. Both are crucial pillars of modern day democracy. “To assistance these pillars, we together should fight all sorts of faux information”, he said.

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