Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment

Bio-Active is another brand of septic tank treatment that is available in some stores or larger online websites.  It is a powdered treatment designed to be used monthly to maintain a healthy, smooth running system.  While the Bio-Active brand ( ydravlikos ) may not be recognizable to you, they have carved out a decent reputation within the industry, and were certainly a nice addition to have on this review site.

We actually purchased the item online through a RV website.  As many of you readers know, RV’s and other motor homes need to utilize a sewer or septic treatment to keep their systems running smooth and odor free.  And when you are in an RV, the tight quarters demand an effective treatment.

We decided to run a comparison test with Bio-Active and our Best Sewer Treatment.  We wanted to see how they would compare in the poorly functioning, clogging system of an RV.  We put Bio-Active to the test first and while it took a bit of time for it to begin working, it did, eventually, get the job done.

While Bio-Active did treat the system, the speed in which it did so was a disappointment.  In our mind it was clear that our Best Sewer Treatment was the best option, hands down, for RV users and motor home aficionados.

While Bio-Active has an attractive price, it is just not built to handle serious back up or foul conditions.  If your septic system is less than a year old and has never shown any symptoms of a problem, then perhaps using Bio-Active to maintain  your system is advisable.  But if your septic system is older than that, or has had any signs of backups at all, it just makes more sense to choose from any number of products that are better equipped for your particular needs.

Whether in an RV or treating your home septic system, your main goal is to save yourself the cost of having to replace your system.  While buying some of the less expensive treatments seems like a good idea, in our experience it winds up costing you a lot more in the long run.  Choose your sewer treatments wisely, your family and neighbors will thank you.

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