The Unexpected Delay of the iPad Pro

With the issues faced by Apple regarding the production of the iPad Pro, no analyst is sure about when the new 12.9 inch device will be released. The latest news reported that the main issue is due to the fact that Apple produced a lot amount of iPhone 6 Plus. Most of the analysts predict that the new 12.9 inch iPad will be available on late October or early November. However, it is clear enough that Apple focuses on satisfying the needs for the product that has been announced.

The Main Issue of iPad Pro Delay

The main problem why Apple has to wait a bit longer to release the new iPad Pro is mainly because of the limited number of workers they have. It seems that Apple needs extra supports if the company really wants to make a faster release. The implication of the big issue is that the manufacturer is not really prepared for the mass productions. Of course, this should be the source of evaluation for a leading company like Apple in order to avoid the similar problems in the future.

Facing the current issue, some believe that Apple will not announce the iPad Pro even in the upcoming event. However, it is important to remember that Apple may make an official announcement stating that the device will go on sale later. Apple did this with the Apple Watch. In fact, the announcement of the Apple Watch was quite awesome as Apple could keep the secrecy of the product.

What to keep in mind about the iPad Pro is that this product is predicted to give Apple the potential sales in the future. There is a strong expectation that the new device can help Apple to re-increase their sales that have been decreasing for couple months. Well, let’s be patient a little bit more for the new 12.9 inch device to be announced.

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