Three Days In Santorini: What Not To Lose

Three days in Santorini is not enough, but it is all it takes for the visitor to get a great idea of ​​this unique island. Read below which parts of Santorini you should definitely visit during your stay for at least a weekend on the island, so be sure to see the most important part of it. Though you should not doubt that Santorini still has a lot to offer you. Book a Santorini Tour now!


Fira is the capital of Santorini, located in the middle, in the “eyebrow” of the caldera and attracts not only most of the services but also of visitors. Throughout the year the small town is bustling with life: Supermarkets, grocery stores, commercial, banking and public services are located around the city’s main square, Theotokopoulos Square, with travel agencies, hotels and rooms to rent, restaurants and bars is found in almost every alley, especially the caldera.

Museums, churches, monuments, galleries, traditional neighbourhoods where the island’s architecture stands out, are all in abundance … abundance – the same abundance in entertainment choices, as well as restaurants and cafes, many of which look alike Hanging out of the caldera, Fira is claiming the lead in Santorini nightlife, as there are many bars and clubs in the streets.

In Fira, guests have the opportunity to enjoy another unique experience. From Gialos, the old harbor, where cruise ships anchor when visiting the island, launches a cable car that takes its… enchanted passengers to the top of the caldera. An alternative for those who want to get down to the small harbour, walk among the small shops and taste fresh fish in the taverns, are the 600 stone steps.

If one again does not want to walk the distance himself, he can use the donkeys, the nice animals that have been used for this purpose for many, many years. From Gialos one can also board a boat for a tour of the Volcano, Old and New Kameni and Thirassia, while many admit that no one can conquer the majesty of Santorini unless it overlooks the caldera and the sea.


Oia of Santorini is the most famous settlement on the island, known around the world for its unique sunset, when the sun sinks into the blue sea behind the volcano … , captains’ houses and caverns, bright colours, and the church’s blue domes adorn the image.

It has all the tourist infrastructure of a modern destination, a rich market with shops and public transport that connects it daily with many itineraries, especially during the summer months, to Fira, the capital of the island, about 11 kilometres away. The main street, alongside the caldera, is marble-paved and with its vertical alleys is the “heart” of Oia. The village has been identified with the sunset of Santorini, as they all gather on the terraces and terraces around the castle of Agios Nikolaos to see the so … everyday but at the same time impressive spectacle.

The most famous temple in the village is Panagia Platsani, almost in the centre. The Feast of the Virgin Mary, Agios Nikolaos, the Resurrection, Christ the Heroes are some of the other churches worth seeing. Going down to the sea, on the small islet of Ammoudi is Aghios Nikolaos Peramataris, while near Armeni you can see the white chapel dedicated to Saints Seven.

The volcano

There is no other island in the world like Santorini, and its uniqueness owes it mainly to the volcano – so it is not meant to visit the island and not see this natural phenomenon up close. It is active, while the Minoan Eruption is considered to be the largest in world history. Since then the volcano of Santorini has erupted many times over the centuries, constantly changing the image of the island, creating and destroying various small islands on its perimeter.

When the locals say volcano, they mean the small island of Nea Kameni, at the centre of the almost circular perimeter formed by Santorini, Thirasia and Aspronisi. In Nea Kameni, from the bottom of the earth, 60 years ago the land was formed during the eruption of 1950. Next to it, Old Kameni is the island that was formed before about 2,000 years, during the eruption of 47 AD.

Today the visitors of Santorini have the possibility not only to overlook the volcano from the cliff or by sea, but also to walk it. The boats to the volcano start both from Gialos, the old port of Santorini but also, the modern port of the island. Also from Ammoudi, the port of Oia.

The first stop is in Nea Kameni and Old Kameni follows. Visitors can dive into the warm waters with the yellowish, sulfur-colored. These tours usually end with a stop in Thirasia, before returning to Santorini.

Prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri

The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri Santorini is one of the most important archaeological sites throughout the Mediterranean. It is located in the southeastern part of the island, 15 kilometres from Fira. The part of the city that has come to light dates back to the Late Bronze Age, that is, to the end of the 17th century BC. The findings lead to the conclusion that it was a major centre of that time. A cosmopolitan port with trade relations with mainland Greece, the rest of the Aegean islands, as well as Egypt and Syria.

The end came from the so-called Minoan eruption of the volcano, around 1615 BC. The findings show that the inhabitants had been “warned“. They did not find any human skeletons. They found only a few jewels and valuable objects, like jars and other useful tools and utensils.

Today, the visitor of the archaeological site can see a very representative sample. High-rise buildings, other public and private, with their courtyards fully exposed. Public roads pass between them, and research reveals free spaces that function as squares. Part of the drainage system is also distinctive. With typical Santorini construction materials and sophisticated techniques. All of which ensure both weatherproofing and earthquake protection in such a sensitive area.

Red Beach

The Red Beach of Santorini is famous all over the world. It is the most popular among the beaches of the island. A true attraction of the special nature of this place. It is located in the southeastern part of Santorini, in the greater area of ​​Akrotiri, about 8 kilometres from Fira.

Red, striking rocks forming steep cliffs, red sand and a deep blue sea, which reflects the bright red as well. A truly “alien” landscape from what scientists may have just encountered on … Mars, the “Red Planet” – again, without the wonderful sea!

On the sand there are umbrellas and sun loungers, almost all along the coast, leaving little free space. The beach offers the option of renting a sea bike or canoe. The rocks in the small bay give the opportunity for countless dives in crystal clear, clear waters.

Castelli Emporio

The Castle of Emporio of Santorini is well preserved in contrast to the other four castles on the island. It is in the centre of the modern settlement. Many of its buildings have been restored by its owners and inhabited, while many of its churches are still preserved.

Created by the Venetian rulers around the 15th century, it is one of the most important sights of Santorini today. Its oldest church is the impressive Panagia Messiani. It is dedicated to the Annunciation, probably built in the 16th century and featuring an impressive belfry.

Read in detail which parts of Santorini you should definitely visit during your stay for at least a weekend on the island.

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Differences in Driving a Rented Car in Santorini

Prior to you before rent a car at Santorini port, it is important to recognize the differences between driving regulations in Greece and other nations. Some things are allowed, such as utilizing your mobile phone and beeping your horn. In Greece they are inhibited and unlawful while driving.

Luckily, though, most of the regulations and also laws that regulate running a car rental Santorini resemble those in the rest of the European Union, so as soon as you comprehend Greek driving legislations, you’ll be ready to travel almost throughout the region.

Driving Requirements

Unless you’re a participant of the European Union, you’ll require to obtain an International Driver’s License (IDL) before you rent a car Santorini island. If you plan to hire a car, you require a valid enrolment and proof of internationally legitimate insurance policy (check ahead of time with your insurer) in addition to your IDL.

Nonetheless, while driving a car in Greece, a recognizable picture permit is normally accepted by a lot of police officers. State licenses from the United States have been readily accepted in the past, but we recommend having an IDL as an useful second kind of identification anyhow.

No matter where or what Santorini car you drive, you require to be at the very least 18 years old to drive a car in Greece. As well as if you have prepared an extensive journey to Greece as well as stay for greater than 6 months, you’ll require to comply with the steps to convert your U.S. certificate to a Greek certificate in order to drive while you’re abroad. Failure to obtain a Greek permit even if you are there briefly can lead to rigid fines.

Checklist for Driving in Greece

  • An International Vehicle driver’s License (needed).
  • Evidence of insurance policy (called for).

11 Rules of the Road to rent a car in Santorini

While many of the laws and also regulations controlling driving coincide in Greece as they remain in much of the EU and the United States, Greek driving laws do have some small variants.

1. Make use of the horn

Technically, using your cars horn is illegal in towns and also city areas except when it comes to emergencies. Nevertheless, over mountain roadways like those in Santorini, make a brief beep before going around a blind contour to signal any type of approaching web traffic of your presence.

2. Car parking

When in urban areas, car parking is forbidden within 9 feet of a fire hydrant, 15 feet of a junction, or 45 feet from a bus quit (though this might not be marked). In some areas, street parking calls for the acquisition of a ticket from a cubicle. These locations will normally be marked with indications published in both English and Greek.

3. Safety belt

Seat belts should be utilized by front-seat guests. However, considering that Greece has a high mishap price, back-seat bikers might also wish to bend their safety belt.

4. Youngsters

Passengers under the age of 10 years old can not sit in the front seat. Furthermore, kids under 1,50 m height need to make use of a safety seat.

5. Rate restrictions

Typically, urban areas have speed limits of 50 kilometres per hour (30 miles per hr) while non-urban roadways have a rate limit of 110 kilometres per hour (68 miles per hr), and also highways and also express-ways have rate restrictions of approximately 120 kilometres per hour (75 miles per hour).

6. Toll roads

Ethniki Odos is called the two special roadways (like free-ways), where you pay for tolls. The price differs depending upon the sort of vehicle. You can pay in cash money or debit/credit card. There is additionally a Fast Pass system.

7. Mobile phone

It is unlawful to use your cell phone while driving in Greece. If you do so, you will get a penalty. Routine crackdowns are driving this point residence.

8. Roadside support

The Automobile and also Touring Club of Greece (ELPA) supplies coverage to members of AAA (Triple-A), CAA, and also other similar support solutions, however any kind of vehicle driver can call them. For quick accessibility to ELPA while in Greece, dial 104 or 154 on your phone (while not driving).

9. Tickets

Moving offence and car parking tickets are rather pricey.

10. Driving side

Drive on the right-hand side of the roadway as you would certainly in the United States.

11. In case of an emergency

For site visitors to Greece, dial 112 for multi-language assistance. Dial 100 for Police, 166 for Fires, as well as 199 for rescue solution. Otherwise, call Santorini rent a car!

Driving in the Middle of the Road

Driving in the middle of the road is very typical in Santorini, especially on the narrow roads of Caldera. It is not always a negative concept… If you need to avoid an unexpected obstruction such as rockfalls, grazing goats, or an unforeseen parked vehicle. Nonetheless, when navigating sharp hill transforms, you will certainly want to keep to the right-hand side of the road. Also be sure to signal by beeping prior to you make the curve.

Traffic Circles and Roundabouts

Traffic circles and roundabouts are typical in numerous European nations, however they might be brand-new to many U.S. motorists. These circles work as a kind of perpetual-motion junction, keeping web traffic flowing without using signal lights. It seems more difficult than it actually is. Basically, web traffic within the roundabout has the right of way. However you must decrease as you enter the circle to merge right into the flow without much of a problem.

Athens Restricted Area

Locations of main Athens and various other significant Greek cities limit vehicle accessibility to reduce congestion, based on the number. While these restrictions do not apply to car rental Santorini, you must be additional considerate to pedestrian web traffic when driving in these locations of Athens considering that locals anticipate tourists to be the majority of chauffeurs when driving right there.

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Women’s Usual Sexual Fantasies

Sex dreams are sort of like bags: despite the amount of are awaiting your closet, you usually end up sticking with the exact same one. Also when you get tired of a sex-related fantasy/bag, none of the others appear to have the same appeal, and you desire a brand-new one. Now that I’ve tired that example, let call girls inform you where I’m choosing it: So that you (as well as, let’s be truthful, me) can update your fantasy collection, I asked females which fantasies obtain them to the finish line without fail.

The Open air

The creative imagination takes us to all kinds of far-flung locations, and dreaming regarding sex beyond the room is a leading fantasy for many an amorous woman.

Whilst the place may vary, when it comes to sensual settings, when you think about al fresco sexual relations, it allows you delight a naughtier, exhibitionist side of yourself without ever actually remaining in risk of being caught. Maybe on a coastline, the rhythm of lapping waves matching that of our enthusiasts themselves; midst the rustling of fallen leaves, deep inside a thick forest; or maybe our fortunate girl and her even luckier partner, discover themselves noting their room in an area of persuading yard.

Yeah: ouch.

Such fictional idylls aren’t, obviously, every woman’s favourite, and her mind may similarly drift to floodlit parking lot; dining establishment restrooms; or maybe the back row of a dark movie theatre … That’s the thing concerning dreams: they’re incredibly, pleasurably, deliciously unique.

Good Things Come in Threes

Next, the threesome: the go-to fantasy for males and females alike, regardless of the permutation of bodies to enjoy.

Whatever their sexual orientation, tons of women dream about sharing their companion with an additional female. Why? Well, why not! She may be categorically heterosexual yet locate herself switched on by the prospect of appreciating the interest of someone that has an intimate female expertise of what just feels great.

Yet, however, who does not wish to be the focal point? 2 guys working in the most alluring of tandems to satisfy her every wish … It’s warm stuff, as well as a leading dream for many.

A Man in Uniform

Ah, that doesn’t enjoy a guy in attire? A cliché it might well be, however additionally a without a doubt hot one for several factors.

Leading: presuming claimed attire isn’t that of, say, a cuddly team mascot, possibilities are he looks great– smart, put-together and also neat. Disheveling him presents a great deal of dream fun, trust fund us.

Second: a man in attire may stand for somebody heroic– a fireman, a cop or perhaps a soldier. So, he’s take on, courageous as well as a protector … need we state extra?

Finally, the idea that our lustful girl might divert said superman from whatever his extremely vital duties might be– dealing with criminal activity, conserving the innocent, fighting fires– is a substantial turn-on, not to mention vanity increase extraordinaire.

For similar factors, celebrities and even politicians are just as likely an object for many a female dream, be it for their perceived glamour, unattainable condition or sheer impact.

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